How to Make Your Own Apps on Facebook Developers App [Update 2022]

How to Make Your Own Apps on Facebook Developers App

Do you want to create your own Facebook app but don't know where to start? Or have you just heard about Facebook App Developers but don't understand what it does? The Facebook app is everywhere and you see it often (but maybe you don't realize it). However, most of these applications are made by Facebook itself.

Have you ever seen a status update that says "via Android" or "via iPhone"? And via others, some even use their own names. Or when playing quizzes and games that ask you to share the results to Facebook, then the status you share will have the words "via Game Blabla".

That is one example. And there are lots of other third-party applications that can be used. All activities carried out through the application will be recorded on the Facebook server. Evidenced by the existence of Analytics in the form of traffic reports in the application dashboard.

Take note. What is meant by the Facebook application here is not like an application in general that needs to be made from scratch with complicated coding. Then what is the actual function of the Facebook application? Lots. But the main point of the tutorial on the Gsmcracktool blog is:

  1. To get an application ID that can later be used for status updates via your own name.
  2. To get access token code from homemade app.
  3. For use in the Instant Articles and Audience Network creation process.
  4. And others. The next article will more or less relate to the Facebook application.

Yep, it's just that simple. The Gsmcracktool blog is not a blog about programming or coding tutorials. So we won't go too far. Just simple enough.

Create Your Own Facebook Application Without Programming Skills:

Right on! You don't need to be able to code to make your own Facebook application. Just follow my guide below.

  1. Go to Facebook Developers which is located at:
  2. Click buttonCreate App
  3. Display Name : The name of the application. This name will also appear in public when you update your status via your own name.
    Contact Email : Fill in your email.
    When finished, click the buttonCreate App ID.
  4. At this point, you've basically finished creating a Facebook app. But still need some more settings.

    Explanation of the Menu on the Facebook Application Dashboard

    The following is a brief explanation of the menus on the Facebook application dashboard. I will not explain everything. Only what is felt necessary.

    1. Dashboard

    Basic and brief information of the application. Such as API Version , App ID , and App Secret .

    There is also an Analytics view that functions as a monitoring tool for incoming traffic.

    2. Settings

    Settings of the Facebook application basic information . Let's edit the data first to make it cooler.

    1. App Domains : The address of your blog or website.
    2. Privacy Policy URL: The address of the Privacy Policy page.
    3. Terms of Service URL: The address of the Terms of Service page.
    4. App Icon : An image or icon of the application. It is optional, may or may not be filled in. Let it be more cool to just fill it up. The resolution should be 1024 x 1024 pixels.
    5. Category: Category. Choose the one that best represents your application.
    6. After all filled in, click+Add Platform.

    7. A new menu will appear. Website Selection .

    8. In the Site URL column , enter the address of your blog or website again. Must be the same as the App Domains above. OK, click the button Save Changes.

    3. Roles

    Roles and administrators of the application. You can add admin, developer, or tester (test user). Want a job as a developer? Get an attractive developer resume to show all your potential.

    4. App Review

    This menu is no less important. Here it is set whether your application is still offline or will be published. All the settings above will be useless if you have not turned the application public. So, turn it on first.

    That's the complete guide on how to create the latest complete Facebook application. Although not very important, but will be very useful for those who know how to use it.

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